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Yes, it's yet another collection of all the things that I wish I had known prior to applying for colleges. But hey, you're already here, so just keep reading...

First I'll list the things that I did that worked out really well: There are many other good web sites out there to help you find scholarships and a college that is a good fit for you. Some of the links I had here are now defunct, so that section has now been removed.

Here are some tips to make an impressive resume: Remember, however, that if you don't enjoy the activities that you are doing, then the only person you are cheating is yourself.
I hope that somebody finds this advice useful. I'll add more advice as I think of it. If you have any important suggestions that I've missed then please tell me.

It should be noted that this advice is intended mainly for students planning to attend highly selective colleges. If you are going to a public college or are struggling to get a 4 digit SAT score then I would not advise taking all of this advice (e.g. I would place more emphasis on improving test scores). I take no responsibility for anything bad that might happen as a result of people following my advice, but I will take full credit for any good that results. :)