Texas ARML shirts through the years

The color of the Texas ARML shirt is one of the mostly tightly guarded secrets in the country. Some years it has happened that prior to their unveiling on Friday night, there was not a single person within hundreds of miles who knew what color they were.
1980: no shirt 1981: no shirt
Cardinal Red
Tennessee Orange
Slate Athletic
Navy Green Heather Denim
Charcoal Heather Pine Pine
Texas Orange Carolina Blue Heather Red
Royal Spiral Heather Indigo Sand Digital
Mineral Purple Wild Spider Marble Red (aka Bacon)
Sunburst Rainbow Blue Ocean Sport Purple
2020: no contest 2021: no shirt
Dyenomite Crystal Black/Red

Shirt pictures by Edward Early, Ken Burton, David Armstrong, Glen Loupe, Sam Baethge, and others.
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